Tobin and Leroy: Happy Birthday Leroy!


Happy Birthday Leroy! Tobin and Leroy doing IG Live for UFC Tomorrow. Meyers Leonard says Miami is top choice for free agency. Dolphins interest in Logan Ryan real?

Leroy birthday montage. Romberg, DJ Williams, and Vilma all appeared on ESPN last night during replay of 2002 FSU-Miami. Vilma said if kicker didn't miss he was going to block it. Can Conor McGregor feel sympahty for Khabib for his father when Conor called him a rat two days ago? 

Lincoln Riley says June 1 too soon for facilities to be open. Eric Dickerson not a fan of Rams new uniforms. Robbie's Magificent 7 with a last minute twist. Jae Crowder loves the Heat Culture.

Robbie is tracking his KBO bets. Kristin Cavilari's camp still hosing down Jay Cutler. White Chocolate Jason Williams chimes in on the Jordan-Lebron debate. Tobin likes his animal shows to be serious and not goofy.