Tobin and Leroy: Is Victor Oladipo a Whale?

Victor Oladipo
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Heartbreaker for Inter Miami last night. Took forever for the stretcher to get on the field. Ivy League pushing fall sports back going to be a domino effect for CFB? Nate McMillan found out Victor Oladipo was not playing in restart on ESPN.

Is Victor Oladipo a whale? Tobin and Leroy get double Putin'd. Jerome Baker hype video. Ephraim Banda says that Manny Diaz is great at making changes.

Mike Perry punches dude in a bar in Texas. Pat Riley explains what a whale is. Kendrick Perkins rips Joel Embiid for complaining about the bubble.

Dr. Pepper Cream Soda. Are Herrons intimidated. Tobin does David Beckham postgame. Why can't Jason Jackson do sidelines from the bubble. Zion has new Thanos chain with fist for his birthday. Leroy nailed Oladipo poll results.