Tobin and Leroy address each concern of the Miami Heat on a 1-10 scale

Erik Spoelstra
Photo credit Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Potentiat Tropical Storm this weekend. Did the Marlins get the Rona from an Atlanta club? Heat got whooped in final scrimmage. Do grown men eat uncrustables?

Xavien Howard on PUP list. Joey Bosa got paid. More guys get put on the NFL 100. Patriots secretly tanking? Scott free or Scotch free? Adam Gase does some lying in his press conference.

 Ricky Nolasco vs Chris Volstad who threw more meatballs. Tobin upset that ESPN uses old Marlins logo and not the good old logo. The guys scale on 1-10 each concern they have for the Heat before restart. Who poses more problems for the Heat Boston or Milwaukee?

Will more MLB teams vote against traveling down to Miami? Macho Marlins Man calls those teams cowards. Would Michael Jordan get praise if he played with Covid? Inter Miami offers Luis Suarez. Dwyane Wade speaks great things about UD on TNT. Monkeys eating themselves to death in Thailand.