Tobin and Leroy: Most Recognizable Star in Town

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By , 790 The Ticket

Leroy compares the war scenes before the war where they meet and discuss terms to an NFL coin toss. Pat Riley speaks on his free agency plans. Tobin's new dog chewing important wires.

Brett Favre says Packers drafting QB is a sign of disrespect. Adam Beasley says Tua is the most recognizeable star in Miami. More than Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. Do you care what sports town this is?

Raccoons gone wild. News anchor gets caught cheating when lady walked in on set half naked. Ken Burns has issues with The Last Dance because Jordan has too big of a role in the production. Does Tobin care about clicks?

NCAA approves endorsement for athletes proposal. Andy Dalton released. Tyler Herro or Tua who gets recognized quicker. Tyler Herro said he would have ROY consideration if not for his injury.