Tobin and Leroy: Ohhh…DUMP!

By 790 The Ticket

Leroy had weird dream that he was in a meeting with Tobin and people from work and Leroy and Tobin walk out. Would you trade for Jamal Adams. Amber Wilson curses reading the Kendrick Perkins tweet. Hilarious reaction ensues

Tua says Pineapple does not belong on a pizza. Tua also likes him some Shania Twain. Tobin and Leroy disagree on where the sun rises and sets. Leroy says it would be pointless to add a bunch of expensive DBs if you don't have a pass rush.

Rob Manfred rejected MLPA 70 game proposal sighting health and calendar. RTD's Magnificent 7 for the weekend. Chris Simms updates his list.

Tobin gets insight from his pops on whether if a horse wins the triple crown this year that it will be a true triple crown. Snitchy Mouse says he wouldn't be able to snitch on MLS players at the bubble. Is Goofy a dog or a cow? Gator Bait cheer cancelled.