Tobin and Leroy: Return of the Bob

Sergei Bobrovsky
Photo credit Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
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Happy Star Wars Day! Leroy gets his bike. Last Dance recap. Aaron Gordon vs Dwyane Wade.

Tobin is approaching the UFC card this Saturday as if its not getting canceled. NFL schedule comes out this week and Tobin and Robbie can't wait to play "that's a win and that's a loss" Leroy still won't play.​ Tobin not sared of 5th year options not picked up for top 5 in 2017. Tobin interviews Sergei Bobrovsky.

Leroy gets disconnected as they are working on the power lines in his development. Tobin puts out a poll on who should start if Fitzpatrick gets injured: Tua, Rosen, or veteran like Cam.

Leroy thinks Tobin's poll is a trick to get people to vote Tua. Murder Hornets invading the US. Is Victor Oladipo a whale? More Last Dance talk.