Tobin and Leroy: Should Tobin return his appliances?

Photo credit Credit: Sam Greene/The Enquirer via USA TODAY Network
By 790 The Ticket

Tobin has issue buying a microwave at Elton BlankMart. Leroy calls Tobin soft. JR Smith and Dion might be on same team.

Canes players say Tyler Van Dyke is the real deal bro. Can you file a grievance and still play baseball? Leroy going to trying a croqueta. Bubba Wallace situation.

Dana White to increase testing  in advance of Fight Island. Paul George said he had a whale agree to play with him at Indiana and they said no. Turns out that whale was Anthony Davis.

Leroy is still grilling Tobin over the microwave situation. Don Van Natta Jr joins the show to talk about his upcoming Backstory: The Decision. Tobin asks Don how he fix his journalist voice.