Tobin and Leroy: Tobin's Top 74 Petty List

Lebron James, Heath Bell, Adam Gase
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Heat returned to practice yesterday. Marlins still owe Wei Yin Chen all his money even if there is no season. UFC last night had some beatings.

Tobin unveils part 1 of his top 74 petty list related to South Florida Sports. Ron DeSantis welcomes all sports teams to train in Florida. LeSean McCoy apologizes for spoiling Avengers Endgame. Tommy Hutton joins the show.

Part 2 of Tobin's list. Tobin and Leroy will IG live Saturday for UFC. Tobin doesn't wan't to hear people saying Tua should sit and then flip flop 2 weeks later. Part 3 of the list

Blake Snell says he ain't taking a paycut and that he is risking his life to play baseball. Final 15 of Tobin's Petty List.