Tobin and Leroy: Tuahub

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Tom Brady going to have 9 part documentary in 2021. Leroy goes on a UD -1 bender. Aaron Judge's GF pulled the "do you know who my BF is" move after getting arrested.

Amber says Leroy should get over her stealing his chicken wings after ordering salad. Brooklyn Nets talking about trading for Bradley Beal. Leroy still brings up Pat Riley letting Wade go. Tobin refuses to believe Pat Riley's first offer to Dwyane Wade in 2016 was $10 Million. 

Tua workout video or porn? Nick Saban made Covid PSA chewing out Alabama mascot for not wearing a mask. Tom Brady has cornball trailer for his documentary. RTD's Magnificent 7 for the weekend. Magic Johnson sits on the fence on the Jordan-Lebron debate.

Are "best" and "greatest" same thing? Jakeem Grant debate breaks out after his workouot video was posted. Udonis has a shark. Tobin shocks Leroy when he says would take a 90% chance Oladipo than a 50% shot at Giannis.