Tobin and Leroy: Wade or Pippen? Happy Birthday Hootie!

Dwyane Wade Scottie Pippen
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Darius Rucker and Stevie Wonder's Birthday today which leads to a heated debate about who is more important. Baseball owners and players power meeting. Dwyane Wade 26th on ESPN top 74 NBA players list.​

Scottie Pippen higher on the list than Dwyane Wade which leads to a Pippen vs Wade debate. UFC action tonight and the guys are planning a live broadcast. Tobin has issues with Tua's #RollFins hashtag. Rookie QB better to sit or play?

FoxBet released point spread differentials between starting QB and the backup for every team. Who should sign Cam Newton? Tobin got a Ukulele. Mike Francesa chimes in on CC Sabathia losing weight.

Scottie vs Wade part 2. Dominoes starting to fall for canceled college football season? Udonis Haslem said he would put his hands on Michael Jordan if he was his teammate. Crank Caller Bill surpises the show with a call in.