Tobin and Leroy: Who is the Mole?

Jeff Ireland
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Last Dance recap. Another horrible Scottie Pippen moment shown. Dwyane Wade shouts out Bradley Beal. Shaq aka "The Big Asterisk" says he would tell Tim Duncan to his face that the 1999 season doesn't count.

Jeff Ireland said he had "intel" that the Dolphins were interested in Cesar Ruiz and so they took him instead of trading down. Do the Dolphins have a mole in the organization? Heated debate about whether the NFL's new proposal for draft pick compensation for hiring minority coaches.

The minority coach debate spills over.  Scottie Pippen-Michael Jordan relationship frosty? MLB Players vs Owners. NY Post writes wishful thinking article about Giancarlo Stanton opting out after this year.

Tobin says slime is a terrible gift for kids. Biggest Whopper: Doc Rivers saying Lebron would be the best NFL player, Terry Francona saying Michael Jordan would have been really good in baseball or Stanton saying he could hit 80 HR if he knew the pitch?