Tobin & Leroy: Happy To Be Back!

Photo credit Photo By USA Today Sports
By 790 The Ticket

Tobin and Leroy are back! They are in their home studios. Tobin sounds good, Leroy sounds like he's in a palacial bathroom. They work out the kinks to get everything sounding right. Mel Kiper has the Dolphins taking Tua Tagovailoa. Tobin raves about "Tiger King" on Netflix. Plus why doesn't Kendrick Nunn get more respect?

Tobin and Leroy react to Tua Tagovailo's workout video. How can the Dolphins get a good grasp of his health with the COVID-19 restrictions? Cam Newton gets ousted from Carolina. Is this similar to Ryan Tannehill from last year. Can he find a team to get his career on track? Leroy is trying to figure out Westworld. How are players getting hurt during quarantine? Recalling Leroy's balloon incident.

Can the Redskins crazy factor ruin the Dolphins draft? How is everyone handling self isolation? Jerry Jones actually has big time football credentials. The cyclists are cyling willy-nilly. Can a Horse Cop really help you in a time of danger? Were the Dolphins close to getting Jadeveon Clowney? Would that have been a smart move?

Tobin and Leroy love Mel Kiper's latest mock draft. Dana White says he's close to revealing Khabib vs Tony's location? Is it smart to have a big event like this with no other competition? Does it lose something with no fans in attendance. Udonis Haslem writes a masterful piece shaming the spring breakers. Plus more recap of Tiger King and do people actually like Nick Saban?