Tobin & Leroy: Leap Year!

Miami Heat
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Every one is affected by "Leap Year." Fifteen mintues of Heat, are the Miami Heat being stubborned? Robbie gives you ALL the picks for this week... but should we "fade" them? Robbie isn't feeling the Canes this year. 
Robbie talks Miami Dolphins and much more NFL for this upcoming season. Wendy's annouces a new breakfast menu. Zack Duarte FINALLY awakens! Robbie wants Manny Diaz to get fired, big surprise? 

Magnificent Seven becomes a trending topic. Will the Miami Heat rise in tonights game against the Milwaukee Bucks? Zack Duarte joins the show, what did he ask Robbie to do? Zack ranks on the Florida Panthers. Music Monday takes effect as we speak of a specific music taste. 

Marlins are adding plenty of expectations with all these spring training wins. Fifteen mintues of Heat. Robbie explains his crocs chaos for every occasion.