Zack Duarte Show: Tanking for…Tua?

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By , 790 The Ticket

We kick off today's show talking about how delusional UCF fans are, and we dive into the ups and downs of week 1 of fantasy football and who to look out for in week 2.

In the 7:00 hour we find out that Zack vnetured into Pembroke Pines for the first time in his life, ask the question of which south Florida cities have you heard of but have never been and don't know where it is. We also get into the arena name change for the Heat with Ira Winderman.

In the 3rd hour we give our suggestions for the Miami Heat's new arena name and we talk about the fans reaction to the Dolphins tanking.

And we wrap up the show with Zack going after Dolphins fans that no longer want to tank after 1 game and we talk about the importance of hitting on draft picks when you tank.