Zaslow & Amber: Do It For The 414

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Zaslow and Amber got caught in the Miami traffic... so they were late to the show. Heat improve to 4-0 in the preseason. Is Andy Reid a dummy for QB sneaking with an already hurt Pat Mahomes? 

Jimmy Butler says he would've tossed Tyler Herro if he was the ref. We listen to the call of Pat Mahomes getting hurt and the radio announcers knowing he got hurt right away. Nick Kostos joins us to talk sports betting and why the Chiefs were only a 3 point favorite. We do 15 Minutes of Heat. Would you be happy if Tyler Herro's ceiling is Mike Miller?

It's a Football Friday so that means that Brian Monroe joins us for the rest of the show. We play Big Deal/Not a Big Deal. How do Yankees fans handle if they get eliminated tonight?  We have ourselves a Big Take Friday.

Brian talks about calling the draft pick of Tyler Herro before the June draft. We let Brian react to what Pro Football Focus had in their mock draft. We find out what the Big Games are and what the not Big Games are.