Zaslow & Amber: One More Preseason Game

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Zaslow jinxed South Florida by calling Hurricane Dorian fake news. In typical fashion Zas is going to wait a few days before asking someone to put up his shutters. Deuce McAllister calls in to preview the Dolphins-Saints preseason game.
Hurricane Dorian is now a Category 4 hurricane, looks like we're all screwed. Is Dorian a man or women's name? Cause Amber apparently thinks it's a women's name. Jamey Eisenberg calls in to talk Fantasy Football. What's the most perfect TV episode of all time?

Zaslow names the most perfect episode of all time. The weather terrorists are back at it with this Hurricanes Dorian. Felipe Franks mom defends him on Twitter. Would Jadeveon Clowney even agree to get traded to Miami?

Amber mentions that they're getting rid of pythons here in South Florida, Zaslow says snakes can get out of his life. Rolling Stones concert has been moved to Friday and moved the FSU-Boise St. game back to Tallahassee. This hurricane Dorian is just messing everyones plans up.