Zaslow & Amber: Paws Up

FIU Beats Miami
Photo credit © Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It's a Hard Times kind of weekend, Canes disgrace themselves, Heat get thier ass kicked and the Panthers drop back to back games this weekend.... well at least the Dolphins lost. Manny Diaz is back not prepping his team after a bye week. Our friend and co-host Brian Monroe mentions a current player only caring about what his stats were.

Are the Patriots finally looking old (word to Zaslow)? Butch Davis didn't take to kindly to the Miami fans booing his players flopping on the ground. We do 15 Minutes of Heat where we recap the Heat's loss to the 76ers, plus we take a look back to Amber's flub from last Friday.

We have the NFL Rundown for all the games from yesterday. We do Big Deal/Not a Big Deal, wonder if the Canes result will be considered big ot not. Justin Herbert is not looking to good, maybe the Dolphins should look another way.

Zaslow has another invention that he's thought of and he's already copywrited it. The NBA is thinking about changing thier schedule. We see the NFL teams that had the Good Times and Hard Times of Week 12.