Zaslow & Amber: Trade Demands?

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Zaslow watched his first Fast and The Furious film, it was too much for him. Thursday Night Football was a bit rough last night. Odell Beckham Jr. says he expects dirty hits against the Jets. Minkah Fitzpatrick wants a trade from the Dolphins. Are the Florida Panthers South Florida's only hope for sports success?

Zaslow didn't have access to get the NFL Network, so he had to use Tobin's DirectTV account. Nick Kostos joins us for some sports betting advice. Zaslow tells what the Big Movies are and what the Not Big Movies are.

Brian Monroe joins us in studio to talk Miami Hurricanes and Miami Dolphins. Zaslow asks Brian if he's watched any of the Fast and the Furious movies. They talk about what shows they've been watching lately. The Cooper City Rattlesnake hit Brian with a stunner.

Kobe Bryant doing a little bit of backpeddling? We have another rendtion #BigTakeFriday, let's see if Zaslow gives anyone else the kiss of death. Big Game/Not a Big Game.