Zaslow & Amber: Which Nickname Is Better?

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Zaslow is still out training for his fight, so that means Amber is in with Brian Monroe. Conor McGregor tried fighting a 90 year old and the old man was not fazed. Amber keeps talking smack about UM and thier college experience. Jay Z and Kap might have beef?

Amber and Brian stay arguing about which school has a better attendance. Jamey Eisenberg calls in for his weekly fantasy football show. Brian and Jamey are apparently best buds. Who is Miami's team? If the Canes were in a national championship and the Dolphins were in a Superbowl, which would Miami care about more?
Brian "The Rake" "The Groundskeeper" "The Raker"Anderson joined the show to talk about his season. Monroe lets Aanderson know about all the best spots to eat in Miami. Amber asks him which nickname he likes better. Everyone wants tickets for Brad Paisley.

Looks like Boogie Cousins might have an ACL Tear in his knee. Rashad Butler is joining Amber and she mentions that a lot of O-Linemen take jobs in radio. Draymond says he's not mad at KD for leaving to Brooklyn. There's a new Four Loko out on the street.