Zaslow, ROmberg & Amber: The Best Drip in Here

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Photo credit © Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
By , 790 The Ticket

Poor Bol Bol had to wait forrrrever to get drafted. Tyler Herro had the best drip in the draft. Zaslow looks up "drip" on Urban Dictionary. KFC is making something called a Cheeto Sandwich. How weird is it that players are wearing the wrong hats at the draft?

Zas is going to watch a steel cage match this weekend. Macho Man is gonna strip someone naked? Heat fans are upset about not getting Bol Bol. Roms ate some fish dip yesterday and it messed up his stomach. Maria Taylor made all the draft picks cry. 

Damian Lillard released a diss track about Marvin Bagley, and it's pretty great. How come the USWNT is so much better than the USMNT? Zas n Roms are going to have %50 off Papa Johns today. Big Movie, Not a Big Movie closes out the week.