Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: Bumass

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The Jeopardy guy's run finally comes to an end. The St Louis Blues crowd is excellent. Kenny Stills wants the Dolphins to wear throwbacks permant uniforms. Andre Iguodola wants to protect Steph Curry's legacy. Alex Rodriguez gets photographed while pooping. 

Zas and Roms discuss who would make them star struck. Tobin and his wife play a fun game. Zas and Tobin teach Roms the meaning of "kayfabe". Tony Fiorentino light Drake up on Twitter. Tony still has Slim blocked. Zas almost forgets Tool of The Week.

The Marlins are playing the Brewers. Will you root for Christian Yelich? Romberg's stupid brother scheduled his wedding during football season. A texter asks what the origin of the "take it easy, man." clip is. How did Darren Rovell not win Tool of The Week?