Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: Ehhhh

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Heat make Zaslow look foolish for predicting 4 straight win. Weezer dropped a new album that is all covers. The one getting most buzz is their cover of TLC's No Scrubs. The crew thinks it is God Awful! Tobin had lemurs on his afternoon show. Victor Oladipo suffers a horrible injury. Spoelstra is going to stick with only 9 guys playing so who has to go? Derek Carr wants a UFC fight with First Take. Roms hates reply all e-mails. 

Super Bowl tickets are crazy high. Romberg is still salty we're not going to be on Radio Row for Super Bowl week. Will we get to go next year when it's in Miami. Jonathan Coachman joins the show to preview WWE Royal Rumble. John Crotty was late to the Heat game and Zaslow wanted to sub in on the television broadcast.
Zaslow learns that there were some nasty texters coming at Amber yesterday. Slim gets no credit for his Tyler Johnson stat. John Clayton joins the show to react to Championship Weekend. Zaslow and Mike Ryan argue over Greta VanVleet