Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: Final 4

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Zaslow and Romberg are just learning how to use 'Smart TVs' Steph Curry vs Seth Curry was pretty fun. Can Portland win this series? Windhorst's Zion Williamson 'report' is shot down hard. Chipper Jones once got mad at Boog Sciambi for bad hitting advice. Deontay Wilder wants to really kill a guy in the ring.

Romberg is not pleased that Robert Pattinson is the new Batman. He claims that steroids and the NFL aren't a thing. Would Draymond Green be the Miami Heat's best player? What money should be command in free agency? The Final Four Tool of the Week Hall of Fame nominees are announced. You can vote here.

Steph and Klay make it sound like they miss Durant. Do they really? Colin Cowherd gets exposed by Odell Beckham Jr. Game of Thrones fans are being big babies about the final season. Zaslow wraps up the week with Big Movie/Not A Big Movie