Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: The Future?

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Photo credit © Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The guys talk about the days when The Sopranos made silk boxers a thing. Romberg says Zaslow is the worst dressed person in the broadcasting business. Russell Wilson buys his O-Linemen stock in Amazon instead of watches, Romberg would've prefered watches instead. Suns fired Igor, probably would've kept his job if he did the Slovainian Swap that Tobin proposed. 

Romberg and Tobin are the new incarnation of the "Sticky Bandits" being as they take food from everyone's mailbox. Will Berry Tramel troll Russell Westbrook if the Thunder lose to the Blazers tonight. The Nets should've took lessons from Spo on how not to get fined. Tool of the Week.

Should the Dolphins trade for Josh Rosen? What should they do during the Draft? Current Eagles players are not not to fond of Donovan McNabb. We still making the Donovan Mitchell/Dwyane Wade comparsion? Romberg wonders if Amber's gotten any sleeping since having baby Cullen.