Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: Hall of Famer, Paul Pierce

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The show discusses their weekend plans. Raptors take a 3-2 lead in the ECF. Klay Thompson was screwed out of a supermax contract with the All-NBA voting. Macho Marlins Man is getting love from Marlins players. Juwan Howard getting the Michigan job has brought the Fab 5 back together. Chuck Lidell gets pranked on Cameo. 

Christian Yelich kicks Aaron Rodgers' ass in a beer chugging contest. Flub Friday returns! Giannis got ty ty during the game and had to come out. Zaslow is not into the Aladdin live-action film. Brian Scalabrine says the Heat almost traded for John Wall. 

Dwyane Wade received a 2nd Team All NBA vote. Israel Gutierrez joine the show and has a good-bad cell phone connection. The 2019 Tool of The Week Hall of Famer is announced. It's Paul Pierce. Tom Garfinkel is the man. Zas closes out the week with Big Movie, Not a Big Movie.