Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: Macho Meet n Greet

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By , 790 The Ticket

Zaslow is reading the new Howard Stern book, and thinks it's "meh." Gabrielle Union is now a judge on the show America's Got Talent. Doc Rivers thinks Kawhi Leonard is the closest player to Michael Jordan we've ever seen. Rob Pelinka is a pathological liar.

Zas n Roms break down the whole Lakers mess. Macho Marlins Man makes an appearance to hype up the big night. Roms was made upset by the Le Batard Show's reaction to the Richie Incognito signing by the Raiders. 

Derek Dietich is on fire. Are the Marlins to blame for letting him walk? Romberg's Top 5 ranks Rob Pelinka movies. Craig Minervini joins the show to discuss Macho Marlins Man's appearance at Marlins Park.