Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: No Invite Is Hard Times, Daddy

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Tampa Bay Lightning get swept in embarrassing fashion. Tobin chooses to watch the Marlins over the playoffs. Romberg wants a chance to do headlines with Amber out. Ryan Fitzpatrick explains why he's so fat. Evan Husney, producer from Dark Side of the Ring stops by to talk about cool pro wrestling stories. Max Kellerman is the latest to be engulfed by a First Take fart scandal.

Slim is off today because he needs to rest before days he does both of Tobin's jobs. Russell Westbrook continues to beef with that 'question for Steven' reporter. When will this guy give up? How long will the Marlins lean on the Jeffrey Loria card? When is the right time for Udonis Haslem to retire? Goran Dragic is broken up by the idea of that happening.

Zaslow learns from Tobin that every Heat broadcaster was at the Marlins game last night in a luxury box. Why didn't the Zas man get an invite? Mr. Freeze makes his triumphant return to the show for Freezing Cold Tiger Takes. Is anyone else tired of Game of Thrones non watchers whining? Romberg's Top 5 Cakes!