Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: Parade Wasted

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Romberg reacts to the shooting in the Raptors' victory parade. Is American Psycho a good first date movie? Justin Bour is back in the majors. The Marlins got kicked in the junk by a bunt double against their shift. Lavar hit on Molly Rose on First Take. 

Max Kellerman joins in on the Marc Stein led Dwyane Wade slander. OJ definitely farted in his Twitter video. Brett Hull continues his Stanley Cup bender. Would Dan Marino behave that way if the Dolphins won the Super Bowl? Tool of The Week features Lenny...again.

OJ farted on Twitter, so Tobin goes into the fart-chives. Kawhi Leonard's victory parade speech was pretty egotistical. Would the Heat trade Josh Richardson for the number four pick in the draft? Between KD and LeBron, who will have the most championships when their careers are over?