Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: Waterworks

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Photo credit © John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Roms byke! He had a great time on his cruise, and his kids ended up doing great. He had a whole suite and everything. Well, not everything, apparently. Next cruise, he plans on booking the room that comes with a “genie.” NBA Playoffs were awesome again. Kawhi put it in the Sixers at the buzzer, and Joel Embiid cried like a baby. He was so sad, he needed his girlfriend to wipe his tears (thumb wipe).

UFC 237 recap: Rose got slammed on her head. The Durantless Warriors beat the Chris Paul-ful Rockets after Paul pulled a jerk-move, kicking Steph Curry off the practice court the day before. This Beast is an embarrassment. Zas has some GoT complaints.

Kawhi's gamewinner is triggering Heat fans' Allan Houston trauma. How tough is it for Muslim players to play in playoff games during Ramadan? Zas has more GoT complaints. Romberg is stoked to be back to work. Good vibes.