Kestecher vs. Zaslow: A Sword Fight

Two play-by-play guys compare notes and TV screen size.
Zaslow calls The Heat while Marc Kestecher calls game for ESPN.
Heat Court Photo credit © Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s Marc Kestecher is an experienced play-by-play guy that can impart some knowledge on new play-by-play guy Zaslow but still wants to compare notes saying, “I guess we can compare, how big is your TV?”

Although he says, “We could do 5 games, in 5 different cities, in 5 days.”

He is ready to get back on the road saying, “We should be back on the road as soon as possible.”  He feels being there live makes for a better show.

Then Kestecher turns his focus on the Heat saying, “Miami is only one game out of the five seed, would anyone be shocked if they enter the playoffs as a five seed?”

Although The Heat might shock everyone again, Kestecher feels they are vulnerable saying, “It is the young guys who are the question mark.”

Will The Heat make a run?  Will Kestecher call a future game or will Zaslow take them all?  Find out here.​