Duncan Robinson hosts new podcast showcasing unlikely success stories, 'The Long Shot'

The Long Shot

RADIO.COM's Cadence13 along with NBA veteran JJ Redick and Tommy Alter's ThreeFourTwo Productions announced the launch of "The Long Shot," a podcast that showcases unlikely success stories.

The podcast, hosted by Miami Heat forward Duncan Robinson and former teammate Davis Reid, is the second podcast in the ThreeFourTwo Productions lineup, beginning with "The Old Man & the Three."

Robinson and Reid will explore and celebrate unexpected success stories, highlighting sports and human-interest stories alike. The podcast will offer up equal doses of NBA analysis and commentary on current topics.

Robinson's road to the NBA was unlikely in itself, and after being offered a long-shot opportunity, he's ready to unpack stories much like his own.

The podcast will feature special guests like athletes, tastemakers, authors, chefs, and others who represent hard-earned successes.

“Did I ever think I would be playing in the NBA, hosting a podcast with one of my best friends, or working with someone I grew up idolizing like JJ? Of course not.” said Robinson. 

“Storytelling has always been a passion of mine, and I hope to provide listeners with a nuanced look into the journeys of different leaders within their respective professions. I’m thrilled to be part of The ThreeFourTwo Network and to partner with Cadence13 to bring this concept to life," he continued.

Reid said, “I’ve played with and against many guys who are in the NBA now so I’m well aware of my inadequacies as a player. The good news is that Duncan and I share a curiosity for sports, entertainment and what makes people tick. I think we’re going to approach this platform differently than most, and I’m excited to join forces with JJ and Tommy at ThreeFourTwo Productions and with Cadence13.”

“There are thousands of podcasts out there,” said JJ Redick. “But Duncan and Davis have great chemistry and a natural disposition to shine on this medium. They will attract incredible guests and provide both NBA fans and non-basketball followers with an inside scoop and a different perspective. We’re thrilled to expand The ThreeFourTwo Network and our partnership with Cadence13 with ‘The Long Shot.’”

“I love watching Duncan as a player, I love his inspirational story, and I can’t wait to show the world that he’ll be just as good and compelling as a podcaster,” said Chris Corcoran, Chief Content Officer, Cadence13. “JJ is a sports podcasting pioneer, and we couldn’t be prouder to partner with him and Tommy as we continue to ambitiously grow this ThreeFourTwo podcast network together.”

"The Long Shot" will be available on the RADIO.COM app beginning January 12.

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