Ron Rothstein Marvels at Heat's Mental Stability

By and 790 The Ticket

Original coach of the Miami Heat, Ron Rothstein, who is part of the Miami Heat pregame on, is amazed by the mental stability of the Miami Heat.

"The more I watch this team the more I marvel in their mental stability," Rothstein said of the Miami Heat after taking a 2-0 series lead against the Boston Celtics after being down by double digits in both games.

The former coach was also amazed by the team's trust in each other saying "You don't do things like this if there is turmoil within and guys are picking at each other and there is no trust."

He went on to say that Jimmy Butler has been a catalyst in this trust. "From Day 1 it's been all about winning," Rothstein referring to Butler. "The basis of culture in by Jimmy Butler trickles down to the rest of the roster.

"Jimmy Butler is all about winning and that is hard to find today."