Sports Radio Host To Eat Bull Testicles After NBA Playoff Guarantee Backfires

A sports talk radio host is eating something other than crow after his NBA playoff prediction went hilariously wrong.

Ben Maller, an overnight host for FOX Sports Radio, guaranteed the Denver Nuggets would lose to the Los Angeles Clippers after they fell into a 3-1 deficit in their playoff series.

His wager? To consume Rocky Mountain oysters -- aka bull testicles.

"If you think the Denver Nuggets are coming back -- alright, let me tell you, if the Nuggets win this series, I will go to Denver and eat Rocky Mountain oysters," Maller said. "Nobody wants to eat Rocky Mountain oysters, but I'll do that, because that's how confident I am."

Lo and behold, the Nuggs stormed back to upset the Clippers in stunning fashion, sending superstars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to an early offseason.

On Wednesday, Maller, who apparently lives in the Los Angeles area, addressed his botched bet.

"I will be paying off my bet," Maller said. "Now, because of coronavirus and COVID and all that, I'm not going to be able to travel to Denver. ... If anybody listening locally in L.A. knows of any grocery stores that sell bull testicles, let me know.

"I looked at some photos of them, and they don't actually look all that bad. I'm going to tell myself it's chicken. ... I'll record it, for posterity's sake, just to prove I'm a man of my word. The plan is to do it this weekend if we can find them. If we can't find them, we'll have to do it the following weekend. But it's going to happen."

Maller also vowed to travel to Denver for the chow when virus conditions allows.

The dish is fairly common in the Mountain West region, usually as an appetizer with bar-and-grill fare. The "oysters" are most commonly breaded and deep fried, and look something like fried calamari or chicken nuggets once served.

h/t Barrett Sports Media