Larry Fitzgerald out for Sunday after testing positive for COVID-19

By WEEI 93.7

One of the most familiar names on the Arizona Cardinals won't be available when they meet up with the Patriots Sunday in Foxboro.

Bill Belichick recently sang the praises of Fitzgerald, comparing the 37-year-old's career to that of Peyton Manning.

"Well I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Larry," Belichick said. "Larry’s a very dedicated football player. He works extremely hard. He’s very knowledgeable in all phases of the game, but particularly the passing game and techniques, training, fundamentals. He’s, I would say, to receivers what Peyton Manning was to quarterbacks in terms of that type of total obsession of knowing everything about the position and how to do things and how to convey those to his teammates. So yeah, I mean he’s had tremendous production. I mean, other than Jerry Rice, those two guys are really at the top of the production list in just about every area. His longevity has been remarkable.

"Again, I think that’s a testament to his physical training, but he has great awareness and instincts as well as all the other things that go with being a receiver. He has tremendous hands, concentration, ability to make clutch plays and really match up against most every type of defender. He finds a way to win with the skills that he has and his style of play. So, he’s a tremendous player and he’s had a tremendous career. I don’t know how you could do much more than what he’s done for the amount of time that he’s done it in. He’s had tremendous durability and production."

Fitzgerald has 43 catches this season for the 6-4 Cardinals.