6'5" Redskins Rookie Chase Young Thinks He's Still Growing


Chase Young is already a defensive monster at 6-foot-5, 264 pounds, but he may still be growing, a thought that should leave opposing offenses shuddering.

"My dad's side of the family, a lot of guys grew late," Young told reporters via Zoom conference call on Monday. "I know my dad, when he went to high school, his freshman year, he was 6-foot, 6-1. I think his senior year when he left, he was about 6-6."

Young's father, Greg Young, then went on to play basketball at Bowie State University, where he continued to grow. Chase estimates his father was around 6'7" by the time he was a sophomore, and grew to be 6'9" by the time he left school. "Now he's like 6-10," he said.

Greg Young was an exceptional athlete in his own right. He once owned the rebounds record at Bowie State, swiping 620 boards from 1985-89. That record has since been broken, twice.

"I mean, he grew late. It's a possibility that I could grow late," Chase Young said. "A lot of people told me my growth plates, I still have some room. But I don't feel like it would affect my game. I feel like it's just something I would adapt to, just staying flexible."

"Obviously if you're tall, you gotta be a lot more flexible," he said. "But, no, I don't think it will affect my game at all. I'll be the same person, whether I'm 6-7 or 6-1."

If Young does keep growing, he could scale to the size of future Hall of Famer Julius Peppers, who he loved watching growing up. Peppers, who finished fourth all-time with 159.5 career sacks, stood at 6-foot-7, 295 pounds.

"That was a guy that I always just grew up watching," Young said. "My uncles, they always used to talk about Julius. My dad didn't have an NFL team, but he liked Julius Peppers, so I just grew up always talking about and watching Julius Peppers."

To take it a step further, if Young could compare himself to any player, he said, "I feel like it's Julius Peppers."

Young is known for possessing block-shedding techniques beyond his years, one of the many reasons scouts graded him as highly as they did. At Ohio State, he says he watched endless old film of NFL sack masters, and even asked his coaches to put that week's NFL sack highlights in his film study folder.

He paid particularly close attention to Khalil Mack, and Nick and Joey Bosa.

"I watch Nick a lot and Joey a lot, just because they took our technique to the NFL," he said. " I watch them a lot just to see if it worked on the next level, and obviously it's working on the next level, so that's something I found out and I'm very excited about."

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