Info Lockdown: Why Won't Anyone Spill the Guts on Tua?

By 97.1 The Ticket

Bobby McCain joined Tobin and Leroy Friday, and at the end of the interview Tobin asked McCain for his thoughts on Tua Tagovailoa because many members of the Miami Dolphins have been low key in their answers, not giving any state secrets and McCain wouldn't bite.

Tobin: "Give me some goods on Tua man. It's like code secrets over there, It feels like there is a Tua gag order going on."

McCain: "He's a good guy, good football player, going to be real good in this league, likable guy, he is a good energy."

Tobin then thanked McCain for coming on the show and after McCain hung up Tobin said with a disappointed tone: "Ehhh, everyone is giving me the same thing, I want to hear that he is a franchise quarterback."