Sixers Swept: Phily a Failed Process

Joel Embiid
Photo credit Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
By 97.1 The Ticket

Tobin and Leroy were basking in the Sixers getting swept out of the NBA playoffs

For Tobin it was more about all the Sixers fans ripping Jimmy Butler for not wanting to win and going to a loser.

For Leroy it was about proving to the world that tanking doesn't work. "You bring losing into an organization it's hard to get rid of it, it's like a virus."

Tobin proceeds to bring up old Sixers Nation tweets starting from 2018 when the Sixers were in a series with the Miami Heat and during Game 3 they tweeted about Miami Heat fans leaving early down 11. Tobin then brings up a tweet from this past Friday after losing Game 3 to the Celtics to be down 3-0 where that same account petitioned not to play Game 4.

Tobin then brings up a tweet with a picture of Josh Richardson, who the Miami Heat traded to get Jimmy Butler, in Sixers Media Day reading "Jimmy Who?"

Tobin contines to drop the old tweets

After reading all those old tweets mocking Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat, Tobin brings it back to current times with the tweet from the same account @PHLSixersNation saying uncle.