Tobin and Leroy Marlins and NBA Finals predictions

Miami Heat Miami Marlins Playoffs
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Huge day in South Florida sports as the Miami Heat return to the NBA Finals and take on their old friend Lebron James and the Lakers. The Miami Marlins take on the Cubs in their return to the MLB playoffs something they haven't done since 2003.

Brendan Tobin, Leroy Hoard, and Robbie the Degenerate each give their predictions

NL Wild Card Round: Marlins at Cubs (Best of 3)
RTD: Marlins in 3 with an "onions" start from Pablo Lopez in Game 3
Leroy: Marlins (No games given).
Tobin: Marlins in 2 "I've always wanted to say that"

NBA Finals Heat vs Lakers (Beste of 7)
RTD: Lakers in 5. He suspected that the NBA refs will conspire with Lebron to assure that he wins the title and the 5th game is just to make it look good
Leroy: Lakers in 6. "They got two top 5 players in the league."
Tobin: Heat in 5!