Small Business Free Commercial Friday!

Free Commercial Friday

We live, work and play here, just like you! As a local business, The Wolf cares deeply about our community and small businesses; most importantly, their employees.  

This Friday, 5a-9am, The Married Morning Show Nick and Kristen, will host Small Business, FREE Commercial Friday! Even if you’re not open now, suggest buying gift certificates for listeners to visit once everyone is healthy! If you own a small business, call Nick and Kristen Friday morning 503-733-WOLF! You’ll have :30 (thirty seconds) to talk about your business! If you  have a favorite business: restaurant, bowling alley, theatre, please let them know to call Nick and Kristen! 

Your :30 ad should be simple and short! Try to keep your message to 80 words. Talk about what your business is, what you do, where you are and your website! (Especially if you have gift certificates available!) Bonus points if you offer Wolf listeners a discount for hearing it on the Wolf! Let's #StayConnected.