TSA 2021 canine calendar spotlights the good pups of the airport


A calendar of good pups is all you need to ensure a good mood every day of the week.

And that’s what the Transportation Security Administration is offering with its 2021 canine calendar.

While the TSA has more than 400 canine teams at airports nationwide, they are spotlighting 12 hard-working doggos who have excelled in their fields.

Each month will feature a dog that has helped TSA with passenger screening and security nationwide.

Along with the picture of the four-legged, furry friend, the calendar will also boast fun facts about working dogs. For example: “An average of 300 canines complete training every year and approximately 83 percent of those canines graduate from the training program.”

Each month also includes details about the featured dog including their favorite treats and toys.

January’s featured pup is a Vizsla named Rony that works out of Chicago Midway International Airport.

Rony is said to go “crazy over anything that squeaks” and enjoys “anything that is edible.”

February’s star is Csoki from Denver International Airport. Csoki has great dental hygiene as he enjoys a “daily dental chew right before bedtime.” And while he loves playing fetch, he’s still figuring out how to actually catch the ball.

Other dogs include several German shorthaired pointers, labrador retriever, and German shepherds.

A handful of the dogs spotlighted have also been named after first responders who perished in the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York.

The best part is that the calendar is free and can be downloaded at https://www.tsa.gov.

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