Woman Shocked By Huge Spider Hiding In Gingerbread House

Photo credit Credit: jenifoto Creative #: 1184659652 License type: Royalty-free Collection: iStock / Getty Images Plus
By US 101

Tis the season for gingerbread houses, but who’s got time to bake and decorate one, much less keep it from falling over. So Katie Gompertz did what many of us do to save time and sanity, she bought a pre-made one. But the woman from Sydney, Australia, got more than she bargained for because her gingerbread house box came with an uninvited guest - an enormous spider.

Now only did she find an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare inside, she wasn’t alone in there. That massive huntsman spider also had an egg sac in the webbing she wove, making the whole thing even more scary-looking. “This isn’t what I ordered?” Gompertz joked in a Facebook post about the horrifying discovery.

“Buy a ready made gingerbread house they said, it’ll be easier than building one they said!” she writes. But the photos she posted show just how wrong they were. The frightening find of the massive huntsman spider and all those spiders-to-be didn’t seem to zap her holiday cheer, she’s even smiling in one picture where she’s holding the box with the creature inside. And she writes, “Only in Australia, only in 2020.”