Little Irish Girl Lays The Verbal Smackdown on Mom To Get Her Out Of The Lazies

Lazy on the Couch
By US 101

This little girl with an Irish accent has a message, really for all of us but she's has had enough of her mother staying in the house in her pajamas and in no uncertain terms told her to snap out of it, get her shoes on and at very least go get some fresh air in their back garden. 

She says "you put on your clothes, you put on your shoes, you fix your hair and you go out the back for some fresh air." When mom bucks back by saying "but it's Corona time," The young lady says "I don't care about stupid Corona time, we're allowed in our back garden!" 

The YouTube description says "Just Katie being Katie ---- she's had enough of me staying in the house in my pj's ------ stay safe everyone, wash your hands and don't forget to get some fresh air in your garden ---- #littleirishgirlkatie #covid19"

The little girl really does seem to just care about her mammy and is trying to take care of her. Watch!

It certainly wouldn't hurt any of us to get off the couch and get some fresh air.