Santa In The Bathroom

Santa on the toilet
By US 101

I wrote this 11 years ago but it's such a great Christmas memory for me... and I'd like to share it with you. 

Santa In The BathroomSanta has a sense of humor when he comes to the StyckMan house. There was one year when the kids got up to see that there were no new presents under the tree from Santa. Sure the gifts from Mom and Dad were still there from the night before but apparently SANTA hadn't stopped by.
You know me...I'm asking the kids "were you good?" I'm making the most out of my kids turmoil.
Finally...Codi (the eldest) had to go to the bathroom and found that Santa apparently had to potty when he came to our house and just dropped our presents in the bathtub while he was in there. He came running out and said "DEVON...SANTA LEFT OUR PRESENTS IN THE BATHTUB!!!" We all laughed about the fact that Santa pottied at our house....and didn't flush.
A memory that my children will never forget.. that was several years ago and Devon mentioned it again the other day. I'm glad that Santa was able to create that memory for my kids...I hope he creates it for THEIR kids.

Again, that was written 11 years ago. Both of my kids are grown now but when we get together for Christmas THIS story...of all our stories... ALWAYS comes up. (side thought, you really didn't think that Santa made that trip around the world without using the bathroom did you? No really, Santa may have pooped at your house!)

Another story that always comes up this time of year is the time that Mom and Dad got them Money for Christmas. They were at that weird age were toys just didn't seem right and not quite to the age of appreciating the ever popular "socks and underwear" just yet. 

But because we are THAT kind of parents we can't just HAND them $100 each... We're not going to put it in a card... or a gift. We have to be weird about it.  We got them each $100 in $1 bills. We rolled up each bill and put it inside a balloon, blew up the balloons and THAT was their gift. 

It was worth the time picking up the balloon trash to watch them have to pop each balloon to get their money. 

I say all that to say this. There's no better time than the present to make some fun memories with your family. Our Christmas will be different this year and Tam and I have been working on ways to make THIS Christmas a fun memory. 

From my family to yours