The Internet Says We're Hanging Our Christmas Tree Lights Wrong

Christmas Tree
By US 101

Over the weekend, on the Mo & StyckMan Facebook page, we asked how you string the lights on your Christmas Tree. Do you wrap them around or up and down?

For those of you that didn't have pre-lit trees, MOST of you said you wrapped your lights around your tree. We wrap them around too.

Well apparently we're doing it wrong.  A different way of hanging lights is trending this year:  Folks on the internet are saying Instead of wrapping them all the way around the tree, just do the front . . . and hang them VERTICALLY.  The "up and down" idea has you starting at the bottom . . . go straight to the top . . . then back down to the bottom . . . and keep going back and forth until the entire front is filled. 

Clare Hooper took to her Instagram to show the process.

This is obviously not taking into account those of us that have our trees sitting next to an exterior window. But if you don't do the exterior window thing, how bout zig-zaging them horizontally across just the front of the tree? Social media says that vertical lets the lights sit closer to the tips of the branches for "maximum sparkle."

 According to one source, that's how they do the lights on the tree in Rockefeller Center.  So it might be worth a try.  

And we're told they're a lot easier to take off and replace if one strand of lights stops working.  And they're easier to take down at the end of the year.