WATCH: Couple Cause a Scene in Kroger Over Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew, Soft Drink, Pop, Kroger, Couple
Photo credit Neilson Barnard
By US 99

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, people have begun panic buying in order to stock up on groceries and supplies needed for the quarantine.

Many stores have begun putting limits on how many items you can buy at a time (toilet paper now has a very strict limit) because the shelves are bare and it is not fair for everyone if one person buys all of a particular item for hoarding. 

One couple at a Kroger in Kentucky did not appreciate the new limit rule and caused a scene when trying to buy 23 cases of Mountain Dew at one time.

Yes, you read that right, 23 CASES of the soft drink, which comes out to 552 cans!!! 

A bystander caught the entire scene on video when the man came to the counter and informed the cashier that he has 23 cases of pop in his cart. The cashier kindly told him the limit is three cases at one time and no he could not go through the line 8 times to pay for his entire cart.

The man became visibly upset calling the employee a liar and yelling that he should be able to buy all the cases. 

At the end, the couple slams the two extra cases on the counter and walks out with their allotted three.

You just have to see it all for yourself!