Dad Posts Videos Sharing Every Meal with His Dog and the Adorableness is Too Much to Handle!

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Photo credit Malte Mueller
By US 99

Dogs are man's best friend, right? 

For this one dad and his beloved Frenchie, that statement could not be more true!

The two share every meal together. Literally every single meal. Thank goodness the dad videos them so we can all share in this cuteness overload!

For real, get ready because all of these are guaranteed to make you smile :)

1. Here's the two sharing some sweet potatoes

2. Did you know dogs can use a fork? Well, this one certainly can!

3. Just the two cooling off with some popsicles

4. Couldn't we all use a nice spa day?!

5. And can't forget about the importance of burrito buddies!

We are so glad these videos exist!