Local Breweries Team Up and Donate 550 Gallons of Hand Sanitizer to Hospitals

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Photo credit Kena Betancur
By US 99

Back in March, Koval Distillery in Chicago started making hand sanitizer for local health care workers, retirement homes, and first responders. 

The beverage company just donated 550 gallons of sanitizer to hospitals and community organizations in need of supplies. A really cool fact about this last donation was that it was made from the beer of a bunch of different local breweries! Some of the participating breweries include Metropolitan Brewery, Urban Renewal, Begyle Brewing, Great Central Brewing Company, Temperance Beer Co., and Goose Island.

Together these companies made a difference in our community. 

Doug Hurst, the co-founder of Metropolitan Brewery, said it makes sense to help those on the front lines and the best way to do that is to make beer that can be distilled into alcohol to help make sanitizer.

Some hospitals that have received the donation are Mt. Sinai Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital, as well as local organizations like Metropolitan Family Services, Clearbrook, and El Valor. All the organizations have said the sanitizer can literally save lives and a donation like this is incredibly helpful.

Shout out to our local breweries for their innovation in helping those battling the pandemic on the front lines! #GoodVibes