Math Teacher Helps Student Through Glass Door via Whiteboard

Math Teacher, Whiteboard, Help, Social Distancing
Photo credit Astrakan Images
By US 99

One math teacher went above and beyond to help a student that was struggling with a homework assignment. 

Josh Anderson''s 6th-grade daughter emailed her teacher for some help when she was having an issue on a math assignment.

The teacher, Chris Waba, could have helped her through the problem virtually since that is how teachers have been teaching class during the pandemic, but no, he decided to go the extra mile. 

Waba actually drove over to the students' house with a whiteboard and worked through the problem with her through the glass door.

The daughter stayed inside with Waba outside on the porch teaching, making for the best social distancing picture.

Math Teacher, Whiteboard, Help, Social Distancing

Anderson then tweeted about the interaction thanking Waba for going out of his way to help a student, even if he was a neighbor and the trip was not that car for him to take. #GoodVibes