Michael Ray on David Ross Becoming the Cubs Manager

By US 99

Michael Ray might be from Florida, but he is a die-hard Cubs fan. He loves going to games at Wrigley and hanging out after at Murphy's Bleachers. Ray is truly a Chicagoan at heart.

Since he roots for the Cubs, Jason asked his opinion on David Ross becoming the new manager. There has been some controversy over the hire because some fans believe Ross, as a retired Cubs player, is too close to the team and will not be able to distance himself as a manager.

Ray thought the same thing too since Ross broke the curse by winning a World Series with a lot of the same guys including Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant, but has since changed his stance and is now excited for the new era.

While he was sad to see Joe Maddon leave, he knows that the 2016 World Series team will be bonded for life after what they went through together, and he is ready for a new season with different management, yet the same passion for the game.

Ray is excited about the next chapter and will continue to cheer on the Cubbies!