Nursing Home Creates Life Size 'Hungry Hungry Hippo' Game

Nursing Home, Board Game, Hungry Hungry Hippo
Photo credit RUNSTUDIO
By US 99

While schools across the nation have been closing, so have nursing homes, which is extremely depressing because that means no visits from loved ones. 

All senior living communities are especially worried about the virus because those who are older are more susceptible to contracting it. The managers at such places have tried to make life go on as normally as possible for its residents with daily activities such as cooking, quizzes, craft sessions, and exercise classes.

One nursing home, in particular, Bryn Celyn Care Home in Wales, United Kingdom, has been trying to stay positive and even created a new game to get its people up and moving, while also making them laugh and have fun in the process. 

Well, it's not technically a new game, but they created a life-size version of the popular board game 'Hungry Hungry Hippos' to help lift their residents' morale.

The object of the kids' board game is for your 'hippo' to capture as many marbles as it can in its mouth. 

The other day four staff members paired up with four residents and gathered around a pile of colorful plastic playpen balls. With makeshift hippo mouths made out of plastic baskets and broomstick handles, the game began.

It was a great way for the seniors to have some fun and learn a new game during this difficult time.